360 seconds with Alexandra Bower from RLB360

Liverpool’s latest visitor attraction, RLB360 allows visitors to discover the history of Liverpool’s skyline in the iconic Royal Liver Building.  Launched in April this year, the attraction has allowed tourists and locals to marvel at the wonders the building holds. Following a Mayoral Club VIP event, we spoke to Alexandra Bower – Sales and Events Manager at RLB360 to find out more about her career journey.

Tell us about your career journey – how did you come to be Sales and Events Manager at RLB360?

I actually started in events when I was 18 in York, we had some really quirky spaces and got the chance to work on some great events including The Antiques Roadshow. Since that point I have been lucky enough that in each job role those managing me have always supported my growth and encouraged my learning. I have learnt a lot within Sales roles in hotels, and wanted an opportunity in a company that embraces new ideas and is constantly excelling itself.


What’s the best thing about your role?

I enjoy the fact I get to meet new like-minded people in Liverpool, the fact that everyone works in unison towards ensuring those visiting the city enjoy every part of their stay, and that’s what sets this city apart. The events we get to link to as a tourist attraction are unbelievable. I get the best part, I get to experience the lovely reviews and feedback from their time in our attraction.


We hosted a Mayoral Club event at RLB360 to allow members to experience the tours. Can you tell us a bit about what you got out of the event?

We are very lucky to have been able to open a building to the public that is so important to Liverpool, The Mayoral Club event was a great opportunity to showcase the tour to companies from around Liverpool. We have established new connections from the event to start some great projects together, we believe the tour will be great addition to the attractions Liverpool already offers, and its great to be able to have the support within the City.


What career advice would you give to the next generation of leaders?

I think choosing a set career path doesn’t always happen the way it is anticipated, but I would recommend choosing something that develops you, that you enjoy, and that gets you out of bed in the morning. Find a company that is constantly moving forward and that encourages those who work for them to do the same. There are some fantastic tools out there, some great workshops, the best way we learn is to listen to others.


Tell us about the women in your organisation and/or your direct network – are there any women that inspire you or have helped develop your personal or career journey?

My company is an incredibly supportive workplace, I manage the Sales, Events and Marketing for Liverpool and I work very closely with the Attractions Manager, Kim on all of these aspects, to be able to work with someone with such positive energy about the business and the ideas, and who always has a great outlook on whatever we are working on.


Now that RLB360 is open, what’s your future aims or goals?

I am excited to see what the future holds for HeritageGB, it is an exciting company to work for, and I can see myself staying with the company.