Building beautifully designed solutions

Mashbo, a creative-led digital agency in Liverpool’s commercial district, wants to help you find solutions to your business challenges.

“Liverpool; it’s a great digital destination,” says Gavin Sherratt, managing director of Mashbo. “But it needs to tell the world what’s actually going on here.”

Mashbo is a digital agency “building things people use” for a range of clients in the city and abroad; from Liverpool FC to NBC Universal. They are a hoodie-and-jeans-wearing crew crafting good-looking solutions by day, fostering collaboration by night.

Mashbo creates websites, mobile applications, and digital infrastructure, among many other tech and design products. And recently they dreamed up an innovative solution to parking shortages for commuters.

Collaborators, not competitors
When they’re not cooking up technical solutions, they’re connecting with like-minded people in the city through Creative Kitchen, an arm of their business that aims to bring together the area’s creative, digital and technology sectors. Gavin elaborates: “At Creative Kitchen we basically put most of the companies we thought were our better competitors on the stage first, and promoted them. [We thought] let’s learn about these people because they’re not competitors, they’re collaborators. Since we did that, we’ve collaborated with several of our speakers, because we learn about them and they learn about us through the dialogue of promotion. You can get more out of the city.”

Gavin at the Clipper Connect event earlier this year. (Credit: Pete Carr)

Even with an impressive portfolio of clients and six years under their belt, Gavin says it’s still a challenge to change people’s perceptions of what exactly Mashbo does. “There are people who are like ‘ah you’re just a bunch of guys that mess around’ whereas actually, yes we do have fun, but we do some amazingly cool stuff,” he explains. They have recently acquired a prominent legal firm as a client and that’s a result of planting their studio in the commercial district; bringing two distinctly different business identities into the same space.

Creating good things for people who need them
Growth takes time and investment and Gavin knows that. “Our vision for 2018 is to make our business better by helping other businesses,” says Gavin. With an aim to increase the staff complement from 9 to 16 in the next year, Gavin wants this growth to facilitate more opportunities to do the kind of work they’ve done with Chasing the Stigma, a charity which aims to normalise and humanise mental illness. Gavin expands on the project: “The Hub of Hope [created through Chasing the Stigma] is a mental health project and it’s all about geo location, so wherever you are in the UK, it will tell you the nearest sources of mental health support networks. If there’s nothing geographically around you, it can [connect] you straight to the Samaritans so you’re not searching for phone numbers.”

Putting their skills and expertise into the third sector is at the heart of Mashbo’s aims. “We understand that we have a talent, but we also understand that people need our help to create good things for human beings that can’t necessarily afford it, so Chasing the Stigma is a perfect partnership,” Gavin explains.

City pride
Mashbo joined the Mayoral 100 Club this year because Gavin, and indeed the company as a whole, is proud of the city the business is based in. The Clipper Connect event held at Tate Liverpool in August 2017 provided an opportunity to showcase Liverpool to our international guests, and that’s just what Gavin did. “It was nice speaking to people from overseas, and telling them about the city. It is all about putting us in and around a different audience; our business is grown up now, we’re working with global clients.”

If you’re in search of a solution to a business challenge, Gavin is inviting Mayoral 100 Club members to knock on Mashbo’s door, sit down with the team and work through the possibilities.