A unique dining experience

Fazenda is offering up more than prime cuts of meat for the city of Liverpool.

Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill, with three locations in the UK – Granary Wharf in Leeds, Exchange Flags in Liverpool, Spinningfields in Manchester and soon to open in Edinburgh – serves a unique continuous tableside experience to its patrons. We spoke to Julia Huf, Business Development Manager for Fazenda Liverpool, about the brand’s ambitions, ethos and place in the city.

“We would like to take you on a journey to South America through our service, our food and our wines,” Julia explains. “This is a place people can come and enjoy the best of the Gaúcho culture, from Argentina and the very south of Brazil.”

For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of a visit to Fazenda, here’s how it works: “You start your experience at our salad bar where you can enjoy a variety of salads, freshly cut vegetables, breads, cured meats, continental cheeses and hot dishes, including our traditional Brazilian feijoada.

“After you take a seat, the meat is then brought to you by passadores, our meat chefs, and carved at your table. You control your meat service by using our green/red card. [That’s] the beautiful thing about this concept … you can enjoy every single cut, you can take your pace.”

Contribution, connection and confectionery
While Fazenda’s roots may be on another continent, its ethos is firmly positioned in the city. The restaurant joined the Mayoral 100 Club for a number of reasons, but according to Julia, it’s primarily “a way of us … being able to contribute to this city.

“For us it’s about connecting with the city on a different level, it’s about supporting the Mayoral 100 Club and all the hard work you do for Liverpool, because we see and recognise the outcome of that.” In August, Fazenda conducted a demonstration at the Clipper Connect event held at Tate Liverpool. Julia convinced the panelists – Max Steinberg, Councillor Wendy Simon, Ralph Morton from the Seattle Sports Commission and Clipper founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – to don aprons and gloves and create a Brazilian delicacy known as brigadeiros. Julia elaborates: “It was fantastic! Being associated with those brilliant brands – Clipper Connect, the Mayoral 100 Club and the Clipper itself. It was something that we were so very much honoured and delighted to be a part of.”

Clipper Connect panelists make brigadeiros
The Clipper Connect panelists trying their hands at making brigadeiros. (Photo: Pete Carr)

‘You can always do something’
Julia speaks passionately about playing one’s part in helping a city prosper, and that there is no minimum requirement for getting stuck in where one can. “Sometimes I think people have this perception of ‘I don’t have as many means to get involved as that other person does.’ No, no. You can always do something. Spare time, spare your staff, volunteer, so it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, I think if you want your business to develop, whether it’s a business that’s worth billions or millions or a couple of thousands, getting involved through what’s going on in the city and making the city prosperous is one of the most effective ways of making sure your business succeeds and giving back to people of Liverpool.”

The culture of investment
Multiculturalism is an important driver of prosperity for Fazenda. Julia tells us that in the Liverpool branch alone, their staff comprises no less than ten nationalities. “I think it’s brilliant here!” she exclaims. “Fazenda has this very great culture of investing in their staff and also investing in this multiculturalism because we truly believe that that’s what sets us apart, our pride of our staff and the fact that they come from various cultural backgrounds makes us stronger as a team” This belief is resonated in the cosmopolitan nature of Liverpool and it’s something Fazenda embraces wholeheartedly.

Located in the business district, Fazenda is a prime location for corporate events. “Year on year we experience an increase in businesses looking to us for the most diverse kinds of client entertaining and private dining” says Julia. Their extensive canapé and petiscos menus – Brazilian tapas – are a guide as to what’s available, but Julia impresses that the Fazenda team are always happy to tailor their service to the needs of their guests. She says “We enjoy doing that, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide a flexible menu option when it comes to those special events because we believe in nurturing our relationships with our guests by understanding their needs.”